Sunday, November 18, 2007

Huhne - Now he has really cooked his goose!

Up until now I have been reassuring myself that even if my chosen candidate, Nick Clegg didn't become leader, I could live with Huhne in that position. His performance and attitude on the Politics Show has totally changed my mind.

Firstly, to lose control of your PR team once (as in the Chris Clarke outrage) could be seen as an accident, to do it twice, as demonstrated today with a "Calamity Clegg" press briefing going out from his office without his knowledge, smacks of a little more than carelessness. If it was deliberate it was thoroughly nasty, if it was truly an accident it shows total incompetence - not a quality I want to see in a leader.

Secondly, a point picked up by my son, who up until now has not been following the election. His response, "It looked as if Nick Clegg was talking about why he should be leader while Chris Huhne was talking about why he (Nick) shouldn't, rather than why he (Chris) should". He added "Nick Clegg has my vote" (be assured my children are not ever influenced in the slightest by my preferences - so I was delighted!)

Thirdly, Chris opened a window onto his personality which gives me the most cause for concern. How on earth does he think he is going to get his parliamentary team around him when he displays attitudes like that? No wonder so few of his European colleagues backed him last time!

So, a man clearly desperate, a man who it seems to me can never ever lead any team, and a man I personally now dread becoming our leader. Let's hope this dismal performance will have cooked his goose once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Liberal Democrats led by Huhne would soon become known as the new Nasty Party.

Joe Otten said...

I am furious at Huhne's strategy. It is one thing to say the other guy's policies aren't clear, but it is quite another to simply ignore the clarification, and attack him for views he doesn't hold. Karl Rove would be proud.

Anyway, I am here reading your blog looking for the glee some Huhnite said you were showing over this debacle. But I can't find it - you seem to share my anger.

Linda Jack said...

Thanks Joe

No, I am not gleeful at all, just angry like you. If what he had done just made him look foolish that would be one thing, but what he has done makes the party look foolish. I didn't trust him after the last leadership election and this further undermines my trust. Not a good start if he becomes leader and wants to take the party with him!