Friday, November 09, 2007

Doubts about Nick Clegg? Whoops!

I have just stopped for lunch and noticed a posting "Doubts about Nick Clegg?" - that's funny think I, I was going to do a post with the same title! Then I click on it and find it is mine! Apologies - no - it was not intended to be ironic - I just started it at an ungodly hour and realised I didn't have time to finish, but accidentally was I?!

What I wanted to say was having read Charlotte Gore's post at that ungodly hour this morning (radio 5's fault coz they got the time wrong) I was interested in her comments about her doubts. It highlights for me one of the human dilemmas we have about leadership. Our expectations are often impossibly high - we recognise our own frailty but don't want our leaders to give us even the faintest suggestion that they may not possess all the attributes of Superman or Superwoman!. So, of course, whether it is Nick or Chris who takes over at the helm in December - neither will have it all. Both will need the support and input of others in the parliamentary and wider party. Also (as I think I may have blearyeyedly commented on Charlotte's blog) it is our party who make policy not our leader.

Of course the role of the leader is to lead, to have a vision and a sense of direction, but not to have to come up with every jot and tittle of policy. Leadership is tough, particularly in our party - like herding cats - whoever we ultimately choose we have to do so with a certain amount of faith.


Left Lib said...

It is the party that makes policy as you say. But the leader gives the party an image from which people decide to join and leave. If Nick Clegg wants to lead the party in a right wing direction, and does it carefully, he can probably do so.
After all, Ming managed it.

Tristan said...

Left Lib: Where's this move towards the right?
When did we drop the commitment to considering the impact on the poor of our policies?
When did we drop the commitment to ensuring power is distributed amongst people, not held by any particular group (be they the unions, the government, land owners or the rich)?
When did we stop believing in trying to move the country (and world) in the direction of greater liberty?

Those are the policies of the left. If anything, they seem to be being strengthened not weakened.

Linda: I agree(!)

Linda Jack said...

I really don't share this idea that Nick wants to take us to the right. I think he wants to take us forward - to victory! (sorry too corny!)

And I will have to have your comment framed Tristan - is this a sign of the future and the awesome power of Nick Clegg, getting even us to agree?!