Saturday, November 17, 2007

Team Huhne make spin a new artform............

There are some folk who will swear blind black is white. There are others who will try to imply that someone saying someone is OK means they think they are the best thing since sliced bread.........hmmmm........I've known some guys like that! Actually, as I hope, dear reader, you have discovered by now, I myself, am not much taken by spin. I tend to say it how I see it, however unpalatable for me or others. So if I say OK I mean OK - get it?!

So for Lib Dem Friends of Chris, to interpret my honest appraisal of Chris's performance on QT as an endorsement, frankly, beggars belief! Because I am critical of some aspects of Chris's campaign and abilities, doesn't mean I don't appreciate that he is a good candidate - he is just not the best! So maybe "OK " does it for his Friends, but I am looking for a good deal more than "OK" - I am looking for "Outstanding" - that is why Friends of Chris - I AM BACKING NICK - comprendez???????


Richard Huzzey said...


I thought it was pretty clear I was being ironic. Given your forthright views on Chris Huhne, if you thought Chris was "OK" then clearly he had won convincingly. :-)

It was meant in a good humoured way; sorry if that was not obvious when you read it.

I will include a note at the end of the post to this effect.

All best,


Linda Jack said...

Whoops sorry Richard, I will publish an apology forthwith! Not like me to miss a joke............

Richard Huzzey said...

Thanks, Linda! :-)