Thursday, November 15, 2007

Loos Muze Exclusive - Clegg Draws 1st Blood on QTime

As they say before the football results...........look away now if you don't want to know the results!

Tonight's showdown on Question Time has been billed as the make or break hustings for both candidates.............For the vast majority of our members who can't get to party hustings, this will be perhaps their only opportunity to make a judgement on who they will support.

So - who is making the running so far?

Well apparently Huhne didn't get off to such a great start when Dimbleby attacked him for
his Cameron Stunt Double jibe.

And on Trident Nick said "This Trident debate is getting tangled. I voted against it, I want to see it gone, we ALL do, but I do not just want to disarm the UK, I want to disarm the world. I'm sorry it's one of the realities of life, you HAVE to take these multilateral talks seriously. It's not whether I want to get rid of Trident, it's how to get rid of them best."

Nick then raised the US ballistic defensive missile "Son of Starwars" as an issue of far more importance than what we do about Trident in 7 years time.

Well, of course I agree with Nick about Son of Starwars, all power to his elbow in shaking the sleeping giant of public inertia on this issue, but Trident, that I will return to!

Clegg emphasised his commitment to internationalism, the fact that he has led negotiations and has an array of skills which can and will be utilised as an effective party leader.

On economics he said " I am a bit too British to roll out my CV to all of you. Journalist, lecturer, aid projects in some of the poorest countries, but that is not the point, it's not what it's all about. What has brought me into politics is anger that there are kids who don't have a hot meal every day. If you are born in the poorest part of Sheffield you have 14 year's less life expectancy than those living in the richest part of Sheffield. I am ANGRY that we were drawn into an illegal war. I am angry that kids leave school not able to read and write, this is what drove me into politics in 1997 and it is what still drives me today."

The word on the street is that Nick completely won this one. And no wonder - if anyone still has apoplexy at my supporting Nick, this tells you why. For me he is a kindred spirit, someone who honestly believes we can shape a different reality for ALL our children. Someone whose anger has lead him to fight in the arena where he has the best chance of making the most difference. Someone who has my wholehearted support.

To be continued...........

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MatGB said...

The word on the street is that Nick completely won this one

Which street exactly? You went out canvassing already?

I went into the show undecided, I've come out strongly in favour of Huhne this time, Nick in ten years time, I have to wonder if we were watching the same programme.

Clegg is a strong performer, but Huhne is currently better, Nick'll be fine when Huhne stands down when he's in his 60s.