Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Christmas Tale continued...............

Warning - this will make absolutely no sense unless you read the last episode - then it may make a little more sense!

Lindarella and Fim sped across the starlit sky. As they flew over the castle of the Great Giant Gord, Fim pointed out the landmarks. "Look" she cried "see that huge cedar tree over there? That is where the Repugnant Reid used to perch, how we all rejoiced at his demise!" As they reached the castle Lindarella spotted the gargoyles - they looked...........real. She asked Fim about them. "Don't worry" said Fim reassuringly, "Yes, they are real, but their days are numbered. Look, there is the Millipede, Great Gord has put him in charge of foreign affairs, would you credit it? He looks like one of those nodding dogs you get on the back of those dreadful iron and steel carriages they have in Mansionville doesn't he? Oh look, and there is the Straw man, how he is still hanging around is a great puzzle to us all." Lindarella was amazed, she spotted a tiny little gargoyle close to the door of the castle, but almost invisible. He seemed to be trying to say something, but no one was listening. "Who is that?" asked Lindarella. "He is the one they call a darling" replied Fim "can't quite see why, I always thought someone's darling was a.................well..........darling! But there is some debate about whether he really exists, or whether, possibly, he is just a hologram."

They seemed to fly for hours over the castle of the Great Gord, but it was late and they never spotted him. They flew on, over the forest, Lindarella had no idea it was so vast. Eventually the came to the edge of the forest and Fim pointed out the estate of Sheriff Dave. "Wow!" exclaimed Lindarella, "It looks bigger than the Great Gord's!" "That dear Lindarella, is is."

They flew on and on, through the night, over the mountains. The sun was rising as they reached the palace of the King who had been awarded the contract for collecting fallen branches in the forest. Lindarella rubbed her eyes. She had never ever seen such splendour. It was not a myth, this place really existed! It was true, all around golden turrets glistened in the light of the rising sun. "How did anyone ever get so rich?" Lindarella wondered aloud. "That's easy" Fim grasped her hand tightly, "He has built his wealth on the misery of others. He has taken what rightfully belongs to you and your neighbours to feather his own nest with no regard for those he tramples on to further his wealth" Fim sighed "he is a clever man, he is not only friends with Great Gord but secretly also Sheriff Dave, all the time he is smiling sweetly at Gord he is plotting with Dave............and that is Great Gord's Achilles heal, but he is just too arrogant to see it!"

Lindarella was troubled, but she had little time to ponder because suddenly they were flying over oceans and lands and mountains and lakes and deserts and oceans. She was awestruck, she had never seen the ocean, or mountains as high as these. Eventually they began to slow and Fim drew her back down to earth. They were in a village, one that looked very similar to Shambleville, but the houses looked beautiful, not as big as those in Mansionville granted, but just as fine. Fim took her quietly through the open window of one of the small cottages. Inside was warm and welcoming, no icy drafts. There were logs on the fire and plenty stashed up on the hearth. A family were seated around a long table, there were children of every age, laughing together and tucking in to what looked to Lindarella a feast! "Wow!" she exclaimed "They must be very rich!" "No" replied Fim, "Not so rich, but in this land they want for nothing. They have enough fuel for their fire to keep them warm through the winter months, they are allowed to take fallen branches from the forest. They get paid fairly for their labour and they never want for food. They have schools brimming with books and paper and pens and ink and if they are sick they are well cared for. So they are happy. They live simply but well, without fear." Lindarella was puzzled. "But how come it is so different here? Do they not have a ruler like the Great Gord?" "No" explained Fim "Their ruler is very different. Every month he has a great counsel when all the people of the land, from the least to the greatest, are invited to his palace. He listens carefully to what they say and if changes need to be made he makes them. In five hundred years no one has ever sought to overthrow him!"

Lindarella was in awe, but also sad, how could the land of Liberty be so different from Bewilderland? Why could they not have such a great ruler? "Ah" said Fim "But you can, that is why I have brought you here. To see how things could be for you in Shambleville. It is not the Great Giant Gord, or the Sheriff Dave, or even the King across the mountains who can change things. It is............." Fim broke off, as if going into a trance.........."Who, who?" shouted Lindarella................

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