Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Susan Gaszczak - PPC for South West Herts -Update

I just had a call from Susan Gaszczak to let me know that she has just been selected as PPC for South West Herts. Well done Susan!!!!!!! This is great news, she will be a terrific candidate and from those members I have spoken to in the constituency I have no doubt she has a very committed and supportive local party to back her up.

Update: Sadly for a number of reasons Susan stood down as PPC for SW Herts - she is now a candidate for Herts CC in Watford where she now lives. Susan will be an absolutely brilliant councillor on the County Council - not only for the people of Watford but also for all the citizens of Hertfordshire. The Tory administration should be quaking in their shoes!!!!!


Jo A said...

Many congrats Susan! ;@)

Susan Gaszczak said...

Thank you Linda

I am looking forward to tackling my new role head on! You are right there is a fantastic membership in SWH...