Monday, December 10, 2007

If you can't make your mind up - 10 reasons to vote Clegg

With only a couple of days for folk to get their ballot papers in I have been truly flabbergasted at how many still have to make up their minds.

Even in the blogosphere it seems many are still contemplating.

Over the weeks I have been challenged about my support for Nick, given my being more of a 'lefty'. And of course, I have had to challenge myself - why would I choose to support a candidate who I disagree with on Trident, Tax and, that's where I think it ends. Nick may give more credence to the role of the private sector in delivering public services - but he is not closed minded about this - he is interested in what we all are I trust - people getting what they need when they need it and in a manner that best supports them.

On reflecting about why I chose to back Nick it struck me that my reasons were to do with his qualities, skills and commitment to liberal values. I am 100% behind many of his policy positions and those I do not support I tend to be a voice crying in the wilderness on anyway within the party! If there is not so much to choose between the candidates on policy anyway, what marks Nick out?

  • He is a visionary and inspiring leader
  • He is a liberal through and through
  • He is a team player and will listen to everyone - from the least to the greatest and his refreshing lack of deference means he will be his own man
  • He has exceptional ability to communicate with everyone, not just those who are on his undoubtedly highly intellectual wavelength
  • He has enormous compassion, particularly seeing one of his major roles as an MP being to be "a voice for the voiceless"
  • His passion and enthusiasm are infectious, they will infect not just the party but the wider society
  • He is genuine and committed
  • He will challenge received wisdom, both within our party and without and offer a cutting edge, anti-establishment, radical framework that we can all unite on
  • He is the candidate most feared by the opposition
  • Oh and perhaps above all, I would trust him with my life, so I know can trust him with my party


Left Lib said...

You really like him don't you.
I wonder if it is because he is suave and debonaire?
To me as a lefty, what I find speaks volumes is this; Nick describes the other parties as "tweedledum and tweedledee". Chris describes them as the "conservative parties".
It is just rhetoric you could say, but it is rhetoric that says all you need to know about the political directions of the candidates. Chris has instincts on the political left of centre, and Nick Clegg does not.
So my vote has gone to Chris, and I cannot fathom how the left can vote otherwise.
What I will say is that I think both candidates are a step forward for the party whoever wins. With Nick as leader, the left of the party will continue to struggle, but we are not isolated in the same way the left is in Labour.

Peter Welch said...

Good summary. I would add that he is most likely to expand our range and pull in new people.

Personally I prefer empathy to compassion, but I expect we mean the same thing

Linda Jack said...

Left Lib - yes I do like him, although I hate to say it, but suave and debonaire doesn't really do it for me!

It's his personal qualities, his warmth and humanity that I find appealing. Before I worked with him on the Crime Policy Working Group I had written him off as being Orangebookish, but I got to know him as a true liberal. I think we totally agree on objectives, where we would disagree would be on methodology. My objection to privatization of public services isn't particularly ideological it is pragmatic.

But however much I admire Nick and believe he would be the best leader, that doesn't mean I won't challenge him (which I have done publically on a number of occasions and will do on FPC). So he may shake his head and sigh "Linda you old lefty" - to which my response is "But Nick, I thought there was no such thing as left and right anymore!"