Sunday, December 02, 2007

Liverpool - City of Culture and Financial Inclusion

On Wednesday I was in glorious Liverpool (don't you just know it is a LibDem city?) for a financial inclusion conference. Organised by RUFI. I was one of the speakers, but finding myself as the last one - after the audience had had nearly 4 hours of speeches by then I felt duty bound to keep my remarks short sweet and to the point (actually one of my local supporters once said that was a good description of me !! Maybe that should be the title for my next Blog???!). I wanted to mention this as I was really rather impressed with myself for having managed this feat. As David Boyle pointed out at the WATO fringe when I was panicking as I discovered, having been told I had 2 minutes for an informal intro, that it was actually 5, "I've never known you unable to speak for 5 minutes Linda!" . So, to manage NOT to speak for my allotted time was - though I say it myself - truly remarkable! And imagine my smugness when one of the participants in my workshop later in the day remarked that it was a shame I had been cut short since mine had been the best speech. Cheshire!

Anyway, enough of all this self congratulation, what's that about pride coming before a fall?

More on this topic later...........

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