Sunday, December 09, 2007

Go James Graham!

Have just been listening to James Graham and Richard Grayson on the Westminster Hour. James and I haven't always seen eye to eye on everything (!) but we are clearly agreed on this, that Nick is the candidate who can best communicate with the electorate.


The last Radical said...

You Cleggies keep saying "Nick is the candidate who can best communicate with the electorate", as if repeating the line will make us believe it.
Can you point me to the evidence please? In this leadership campaign it has been Chris who's looked like the better communicator.

Linda Jack said...

"Chris has looked like the better communicator" - where is the evidence for that? I think Chris has communicated really well with the activists and of course he needs to do that, but he is not as good at communicating outside of the bubble, speaking human as Nick would have it. However, given that there has been no scientific opinion poll on the matter, with us all, Huhnistas or Cleggite, we all see things from our own perspectives.

youngdegsy said...

I started off the campaign certain I would vote for Chris, but thinking that it wouldn't be too bad if Nick won. Now I think that a Clegg win would be all but disastrous.

Nick's liberal qualities are not in doubt, but this campaign gave him his best ever opportunity to show them off. Instead he has seemed content to rest on his laurels as the early favourite, appointed by the lobby correspondents.

I have seen no evidence of his supposed magical ability to communicate, as anyone listening to him umming and erring his way through a set-piece debate on the Today programme last week would have heard.

A few years ago another party chose a young Leader who was much admired at Westminster but little heard of outside of it, seen as being very much of his party but with a more common touch. His name was William Hague. His was not a good experience to seek to follow.

While you still can, and for all our sakes, vote for Chris.