Sunday, December 09, 2007

OK - time to stop being a liberal

I have had a bit of criticism for allowing a particular comment on my blog. I used to moderate comments but then thought it was a little illiberal, to be in favour of free speech, unless people were saying stuff I didn't agree with, or approve of. So, reluctantly, I have turned my comments moderator back on. I have no idea how to remove comments, so if someone can instruct me I will do that too. So, sorry Ms/r Anonymous, from now on, like me, you will have to own your comments.


Anonymous said...

How to remove comments:

In the bottom of each comment you should see a small picture of a bin. Click it, it asks you to confirm that you want to remove the comment.

Linda Jack said...

Thanks Anonymous

Have followed your instructions.



Lynne said...

Thanks Linda

Jo A said...


Don't forget to tick in the box 'remove completely' - otherwise it will say 'this post was removed by the author'!!


Linda Jack said...

Thanks Jo!

Still so much to learn in this bloggin business!!!