Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanks Paul Walter!

I will be eternally grateful to Mr Walter for yet again pointing out the error of my ways. Thanks so much Paul for informing the world about my appalling spelling.......I hope you will note that I have immediately taken action to rectify my mistake. As for the formatting/fonts etc (also commented on by Nich Starling) I am afraid I need a clever bloggista to offer their services to help me make it as stunningly attractive as all my fellow bloggers who seem to all have it completely sussed.

Though, long suffering readers will remember the wonderful comment I got on Political Betting about my old look shocking pink and blue blog someone said "it would be a damn sight easier to read if each line were not centred, and if the text were not pink on blue. This study found fuschia-on-blue to be the least readable combination: Printing has been around for a while now. Look at a few books and you will find black-on-white remains a popular combination. People won’t buy unreadable books and they won’t read pain-inducing blogs" the time I was quite proud to have found such a combination by accident.......and I am still getting complaints!

Anyway Paul I think I am quite flattered that you like my blog even if it is so dreadful!

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Paul Walter said...

Very funny "correction" of spelling! I like a woman with spirit! The font is Ok now actually also the whole thing looks fine, but you had a bit of a calamity the other day when you inserted a photo and the text dribbled down the side of it. Well done for such an entertaining and lively blog, and have a great holiday season.