Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just a minute............er............didn't they both do well?!

Irritatingly having been distracted by working today, I have come late to the analysis of our wannabe leaders on the Today programme. James and Paul (bless 'em) agree - but if you follow the thread on Paul's blog you will find that just because Paul thinks James is right and James thinks Paul is right, doesn't mean that Robin, Mary or Linda, think either of them is right! So therein lies the rub. We all observe our worlds through varying degrees of rose, purple, red, blue coloured glasses, from a range of angles.

So my verdict? Actually I was going to say that I thought they both did well, under pretty poor questioning. They got their points across, as well as their personalities. It should be remembered after all, it's not what you say it is the way that you say it!

Oh and er, em, I read somewhere that people respond better to the erers and ummers, remembering more of what they say.

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