Friday, December 21, 2007

Will Davey crush the Millipede?

Will Davey crush the Millipede? Will Goldsworthy wipe the Cheshire Cat grin off Blears' face? Will Huhne hound the hapless Smith?

I sincerely hope so. I was particularly delighted to see that Ed Davey will be our Foreign Affairs spokes. I have to confess I wasn't always that enamoured by Ed, and there are a few (!) policy areas I would disagree with him on. However, I have got to know him a bit through FPC and the more I see of him the more impressed I am. So I look forward to seeing him take on the lightweight Milliband - an accident waiting to happen but having got off relatively lightly so far.

Julia Goldsworthy's sharp intelligence will also be well employed taking on Hazel Blears who frankly does my head in! Local Government is not well served by her support for the Labour Party's Stalinist tendencies and Julia will more than give her a run for her money in pushing forward our clear policies for devolving power away from Whitehall and back to local people.

Chris Huhne has a tough act to follow, Nick Clegg has been so effective as our Home Affairs shadow. But if the last few weeks are anything to go by, when Chris has clearly upped his game, I trust he too will have Slippery Smith shivering in her boots! I hope he will continue to challenge the way this government criminalises and demonises our young people. Yet another suicide in a YOI last night.

David Laws is doing a grand job in DCSF and I trust that will continue. I am a little nervous about his new overarching responsibility for public services, I wonder what that will mean?

So, undoubtedly a strong frontbench team. Time to go kick ass!


Anonymous said...

"I am a little nervous about his new overarching responsibility for public services, I wonder what that will mean?"

I don't think there's reason to be worried. He has previously been shadowing Work and Pensions and more recently Children, Schools and Families, and he has done superb job in both.

Linda Jack said...

I suppose my nervousness is about his support for privatisation. I am not ideologically opposed, but certainly in many cases, pragmatically opposed