Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do bloggers/blog readers prefer Cameron to Brown?

The observant amongst us may have noticed that I have been running a couple of polls, OK hardly a scientific sample - but at the moment it seems the Tories have it! If we are going to consider a coalition with seems the blogging money will be on Cameron. But, as I say, hardly scientific..............



Charlotte Gore said...

To be honest I've gone right off Cameron of late but, ultimately, Labour have just had long enough in Government now and, really, need to be taught that looking like you're a competent government isn't actually good enough.

The lies, the spin, the deceit and the smell of corruption is just too much. If the Lib Dems do a deal to keep Labour in power after the next election I would probably defect. Labour should be considered a major liability to the future of the country and we should be clear we wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole.

Long gone are the days when I thought only Labour could keep the NHS and education safe. I have learned the error in 'throw more money at it'. I've seen Peter Hain picking on single mums in the Independent and I've seen the PM using BNP slogans.

I might agree with some of Labour's intentions but the reality is just horrendous. Last time I was this angry and determined to see the Government fall was in 1997.

I'd much rather see PR, proper decentralisation and devolution of power, an end the ID cards database and a roll back of other anti-liberty legislation in a coalition with the Tories than rewarding this hugely illiberal and dishonest regime with yet more time.

It's time for change and we Lib Dems really have to stop looking like we hugely prefer Labour.

Well, that's my opinion anyway :)

Andrew McConnell said...

Cameron of course...

Jon said...

Incredibly difficult to form an effective coalition with a party that's been in power so long, especially when it's run out of steam. You'd get a couple of reasonable profile cabinet posts - eg foreign office - and be shafted in every other department.

The best basis for coalition is for parties to find common ground so there's a shared will to implement reform and a joint sense of achievement. That was the potential in 1997. If you try to use "shopping lists" there will always be a thousand reasons the partner can find to renege on particular promises.