Sunday, December 02, 2007

Leadership - more facts about Nick Clegg's past in academia

Having blogged a couple of days ago in response to Jo Hayes's comments about Nick's qualifications, I heard from Dr Julie Smith, who confirmed that Nick had in fact had a position teaching on her course on the Politics of European Integration, taught to the MPhils in Contemporary European Studies and in International Relations in 2004-5, at Cambridge University and that it was a bone fide paid position.

I hope that clears it up and we can go back to considering the breadth of qualifications necessary to lead a political party.


Jo A said...

Sorry Linda - I am using your post to tell people that I have been plagiarized by another blogger - my words have been passed off as his own.

I made an entry earlier entitled 'Team Clegg...' which has been entirely passed off as someone else's entry without referencing me.

This is important as someone not scrolling back and seeing my post will think it's his entry.

Many thanks!

Julie Smith said...


For the avoidance of doubt, Nick was essentially a 'guest lecturer', rather than holding a formal position in Cambridge, but he certainly did some paid seminar teaching for the MPhils, drawing on his time in both the Commission and Parliament.